28th March 2020


Dear Fellow Kiwi Business Owner,

Re: Covid-19

We know these are tough times, you and everyone else is stuck at home, the house is small, the kids are noisy and you have walked around the block who knows how many times (yesterday you walked the other way just to make it interesting). 

Business has either stopped, or slowed to a dribble. You’ve applied for the wage subsidy and a mortgage holiday, but it still doesn’t feel like enough.

We have all heard the saying when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Right now, you have so many lemons you could fill a swimming pool (if they were open), but this is also a time that you can focus on working ON your business, not IN your business (how many times have you heard that one before). 

Make the most of these 4 weeks, do some planning, work on some systems, get ready for the opportunities once the lock down lifts.

There are plenty of ways you can be thinking about getting your business ready for the lock down being lifted, if you have a retail store maybe setup an e-commerce site, if you offer services such as teaching or training, how about an online video course? 

What you can do:

  1. Stay Home
  2. Be Kind
  3. Prepare to grow once the lock down is lifted

We are here to work with you, we want you to succeed. Contact us today for a no obligation chat on how your website can help your business in these unprecedented times, or just for a friendly ear to talk to.

Update 13th May 2020: Level 2! Things at least feel like they are starting to get back to normal, or at least a new normal. Having a website is more critical than ever, please get in touch to see how we can help.


Kind Regards

James Rowlands


Green Fern Software Ltd

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Proudly based in Auckland, New Zealand.